Update: My Poor Lonely Little Mac

Ya’ll, I am a failure, there I said it, I couldn’t do it. I tried, really I did, but I couldn’t do it. I cheated on the very first day. Poor Jericho, it’s just soooo much more comfortable to let Roxy do her magic, even though she’s a desktop baby.

It just seems to me that Jericho is just too much of a bother to use consistently. So I am going to wipe him and pass him onto either my son or my mom. Neither of which care what kind of computer they use just as long as it can access the internet. Heathens.

I feel so guilty about this. But we live, and we learn.

So Jericho has to go, which leaves me with a problem. I need a mobile computer, and while Roxy is lovely, she is stationary.  I have an old Toshiba laptop that would work (her name is Nyx), but she needs some repairs. Nothing too expensive so I think I’ll see if I can’t revive her.

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know how that goes and maybe introduce you to my girl Nyx next time.

See ya soon!