Book Review: Nighchaser by Amanda Bouchet

Nightchaser-Amanda Bouchet

My Rating: 5/5

Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet

Great read! A fast paced, well written and satisfying read. Captain Tess Bailey is on the run, hiding a secret that could destroy everything and everybody she loves, one she’s willing to die to protect. After miraculously escaping the long arm of the Overseer, she and her crew find shelter and seek to repair their badly damaged ship. Enter sexy Shane, ready, willing and able to help. But Shane has a complex past and an even more dangerous present, he also has a choice to make. Sacrifice the woman he loves or let go of the past and the legacy he’s worked so hard to salvage.

This book has everything I enjoy in a good read, and I mean everything.  A strong female heroine whose not afraid to show some vulnerability or challenge the status quo.   A fantastic supporting group of characters, especially the cat. A hot AF leading man, who is commanding yet thoughtful. Oh, and the smexy times were “yeah, baby!” good. There’s some interesting world building that touched on broader social themes, however, the author didn’t beat me over the head with the concepts. Thank you!!

The only complaint I have is that I would have liked a little more back story on some of the characters, especially the crew. Also, I am NOT happy with what happened to one of the crew members. [Side-eye to the author]

It’s a great read and has found a permanent spot on my “It’s a keeper” shelf. Just my 2 cents.


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