Here’s the presentation I gave during this year’s Workforce Innovation Conference in October 2019.

FlightSafety Academy

Pilot Training Pathways

As the social media coordinator for FlightSafety, I was asked to assist our flight academy with their pilot instructor recruitment efforts using social media to inform and drive applicants to our Careers web page.

FlightSafety International

Become a Master Aviator

Create a social media campaign that promoted participation in FlightSafety’s Master Aviator program.

FlightSafety Academy

Now Hiring

Tasked with creating several different paid and organic campaigns to promote the hiring of flight instructors and A & P Mechanics.

Kansas Department of Commerce & the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas

The GetHired! Job Fair

Asked to create a website, advertising materials, and social media campaign to promote the yearly “Get Hired! Job Fair” for the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas

Promotion of Center Services

Worked closely with center staff to design and create promotional materials and social media campaigns about available programs and services offer at the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas.


Junk Drawer

This has a bit of everything. Posters, flyers, social media, annual report covers, and website examples.